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3 hole blades


From razor blade to versatile industrial blade

We move with the times - that is why LUTZ BLADES has been one of the leading manufacturers of 3-hole blades for industrial use for decades. This flexibility is also reflected in the application areas of our products: while the models were once used as razor blades, the geometries are now a widely used classic in technical cutting applications.

The high-quality 3-hole blades are used in a wide range of cutting tasks - for example, when cutting paper or when used as a foil blade - and also offer you the right solution for your requirements.

Product recommendation

3-hole blade-0400 by LUTZ BLADES Learn more

How you benefit

from LUTZ BLADES 3-hole blades:
  • Many years of experience in the production of industrial 3-hole blades
  • Absolutely consistent quality from blade to blade for successful set use
  • Hard coatings significantly extend the life of the blades
  • Cleanroom-suitable packaging - also available in customer presentation
  • Industrial grade packaging for safe and quick use of the blades on site

How they are characterized

3-hole blades from LUTZ BLADES are made of:
  • Razor blade sharpness
  • Material and coating as required
  • Different cutting edge geometries, depending on the application
  • Choice of 1-edged and 2-edged blades

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