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our areas of application

Blades from LUTZ BLADES are used in a wide variety of applications. From crafts to medical technology and the food industry, renowned organizations and companies rely on our know-how and on the precision and reliability of our blades. And no matter for what purpose you need a LUTZ BLADES blade, you can be sure that we will provide you with the product that exactly meets your needs.

Foil / Plastic
Foil production is an absolute high-performance process that also requires high-performance blades - like those from LUTZ BLADES, with which we have been supplying leading foil manufacturers for years.
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Craft / DIY
LUTZ BLADES is one of the market leaders in the production of blades for handicrafts and DIY. We always have the needs of the professional craftsman and the requirements of the tool dealer in mind.
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Chemical & Glass Fibre
It is not only the cutting of glass fibres that places the highest demands on efficiency and quality. In the production of man-made fibres, too, an excellent blade can have a decisive influence on efficiency and quality for any process.
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Cutting processes in the automotive supply industry need to be highly efficient and deliver high-quality results - and as an experienced manufacturer, we supply exactly these blades.
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Medicine / Laboratory
Thanks to their precision, high-quality workmanship and superior service life, medical blades from LUTZ BLADES are used by market leaders in numerous medical fields.
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In the textile and carpet industry, efficiency and quality are the top priorities in cutting processes. And that will be one reason why we have been supplying our blades to numerous market-leading double weaving mills for years.
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Garden technology
Because of our reliable quality, numerous well-known manufacturers of gardening equipment rely on our cutting tools.
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LUTZ BLADES manufactures a wide range of replacement blades and machine knives for the food industry and has been working successfully for many years with market-leading companies worldwide.
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According to customer requirements
We can also produce individual blades within a short time. Thanks to rapid prototyping and highly flexible manufacturing technology, we can produce special blades in small(est) series within days!
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Your cutting task

We can solve your cutting task: by making a joint selection from our standard range or by developing your blade for your cutting task. 80 years of experience in blade manufacturing and the availability of all necessary manufacturing steps in-house qualify us as a competent development partner and supplier for you.

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