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Convex blades


We got the hang of it

Convex blades with outward curved cutting edge are another specialty of LUTZ BLADES. The contour of the cutting edge in the shape of an arc is applied to the first as well as the millionth blade in a predictable and repeatable manner, thus ensuring consistently high quality.

Product recommendation

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How you benefit

from convex LUTZ BLADES blades:
  • The cutting edge is curved outward as an arc
  • Contour shape of the sheet after coordination
  • Manufacturing on CNC machines for best repeatability
  • For the fulfillment of medical device requirements Manufacturing acc. ISO 13485

How they are characterized

convex blades from LUTZ BLADES:
  • Equal sharpness from blade to blade
  • Wide range of materials and hard coatings
  • Special cleaning of the blades to meet the highest standards of cleanliness
  • Cleanroom-suitable packaging - also available in customer presentation
  • Surface coatings of the blade body for lowest friction

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