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Concave blades


For a stable cutting process

Concave cutting edges with an inner arc are self-centering for the material to be cut at the moment of cutting. The cutting process thus stabilizes itself independently and makes it more controllable. LUTZ BLADES manufactures a wide range of concave blades for various industries. We are sure to fulfill your wishes as well.

Product recommendation

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How you benefit

from concave LUTZ BLADES blades:
  • Contour shape of the sheet after coordination
  • The cutting edge shape follows a self-centering internally curved arc
  • Computer-controlled production machines enable highest product consistency
  • For the fulfillment of medical device requirements Manufacturing acc. ISO 13485

How they are characterized

concave blades from LUTZ BLADES:
  • Same sharpness from the first to the millionth blade
  • Materials and hard coatings as required
  • Special cleaning of the blades to meet the highest standards of cleanliness
  • Cleanroom-suitable packaging - also available in customer presentation
  • Surface coatings of the blade body for lowest friction

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