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Cutting forms

Exceptionally variable

Always in top form:
the cutting shapes of our blades

What should the blade that achieves the best results for you look like? Does the cutting edge have to work 1-sided or 2-sided? Does it require one, two or three facets? Does it have to be 1-bladed or 2-bladed? Concave or convex? Admittedly, that’s a lot of questions. But you can be sure that at LUTZ BLADES you will find exactly the right answer.

For every cutting task
the right blade

No matter what cutting task lies ahead of you – at LUTZ BLADES you will find exactly the right blade. Perhaps already in our rich standard range of more than 1500 blades. Or we will work with you to develop exactly the blade that is, quite literally, tailored to your specific cutting task. Our many years of experience in blade manufacturing and the availability of all necessary manufacturing steps in-house qualify us as a competent development and production partner.

to the special blades to the development department

Things to know



A special feature of LUTZ BLADES blades is their extreme sharpness. Customers working with our blades can benefit from higher efficiency, better quality and longer production times in their operations.

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Sliding and hard coating

The sliding and hard coating is essential for the quality of each blade. Our experts will recommend exactly the coating that best suits your cutting application, cutting environment and manufacturing process.

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The choice of basic materials for blade manufacture is wide. The trick is to select exactly the material that optimally takes into account all requirements. And this is where LUTZ BLADES, with its decades of experience, can regularly score points.

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Packaging systems

Sales-active, safe, user-friendly – our packaging systems make it clear that we put a lot of thought into more than just our blades.

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