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Hook blades from Solingen


Precise, safe and reliable

Industrial users and professional craftsmen worldwide have trusted our hook blades for years. They demand excellent cutting results, safety and efficient work. Whether deburring plastic or cutting carpet, plastic flooring or linoleum with cutters.

Product recommendation

Hook blade-1281 by LUTZ BLADES Learn more

How you benefit

from LUTZ BLADES hook blades:
  • More meters with the same blade due to longer service life
  • Excellent cut with safe cutting (even with woven fabric or tufted covering with hard jute backing)
  • Wide variety of products (small hook, large hook, super hook).
  • Safety and ease of use when changing blades

How they are characterized

Hook blades made by LUTZ BLADES:
  • Selected materials (e.g. alloyed Swedish steels)
  • Different grinding geometries for your cutting task
  • Optimal coating (TiN, TiAlN, CrN and others)
  • Suitable for all common utility knives
  • Safe and patented packaging

Packaging systems
For blades

  • Sales active thanks to transparent packaging
  • Safe thanks to plastic dispenser
  • User-friendly, as blades can be removed individually
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Sales Active,
user-friendly and safe

Our packaging systems: sales active because all blades are visible in transparent packaging. Safe because all blades are offered in plastic dispenser. User-friendly because all blades can be removed individually.

Private label packaging
Directly from the manufacturer

This saves costs

We can offer private label packaging to all interested retail partners at economical costs. And this, of course, in a form whose safety of use is unsurpassed.

Easy to remove

Good to the environment

And even today, the safe and individual removal of a blade is the hallmark of LUTZ BLADES blade dispensers. Our safety dispenser systems guarantee on the one hand the protection of the blades and on the other hand that the end user is not exposed to any risk of injury when removing the blades.

All our packaging families are expandable with a self-service makeup. This is consistently realized without environmentally harmful skin films - to the benefit of consumers and our environment.

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