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Rectangular blades


LUTZ BLADES rectangular blades are sure to fit your cutting holder

LUTZ BLADES is one of the leading manufacturers of rectangular blades for industrial use. For cutting foils, paper, food as well as for many other cutting tasks you will find the right rectangular blades at LUTZ BLADES. They can be used universally - whether in hand-held cutting tools or in machines. As classics in our blade range, they now serve as problem solvers for the cutting task at hand in many different industries.

Product recommendation

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How you benefit

from LUTZ BLADES rectangular blades:
  • Razor sharp
  • Different cutting edge geometries, depending on the application
  • Choice of 1-edged and 2-edged blades
  • Consultation on your individual blade if required

How they are characterized

Rectangular blades made by LUTZ BLADES:
  • Many years of experience in the production of industrial rectangular blades
  • Materials and hard coatings as required
  • Blade dispenser for blade removal available piece by piece
  • Blade marking and packaging in customer presentation (private label) possible

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