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Blade strip steel

The skinner-3026 from LUTZ BLADES made of stainless steel is used in meat processing in the food industry. Its length dimensions are variable, 20.00 mm wide and 1.00 mm thick, and it is specially designed to cut through layers of fat and pieces of meat with precision. Rind removers use it to remove excess fat, tendons and skin from pieces of meat to clean and trim them. This improves the quality and safety of meat products by reducing contamination. The steel rule blade can also be adapted to the individual requirements of different meat processing companies.

  • Material Coating Length Width Thickness
  • rust-resistant ohne 434.00 mm 20.00 mm 1.00 mm
Material: rust-resistant
Coating: ohne
Length 434.00 mm
Width 20.00 mm
Thickness 1.00 mm

Available in all common lengths

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