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Pelletizing blades from LUTZ BLADES: Paving the way for recycled plastic

Granulates for recycled plastic with LUTZ BLADES

When an old plastic bottle is to be turned into a small rubber duck, LUTZ BLADES is right in the middle of it – in the truest sense of the word. After the recyclables have been collected and sorted, the old plastic is first heated until it becomes a hot, liquid mass. This mass is formed into strands using nozzles, which are later cooled in air or water.

And then the pelletizing blades from LUTZ BLADES come into play: they cut the plastics into pellets. To ensure that this works smoothly and for the long term, only high-quality materials are used for our pelletizing blades. They are made of carbon steel or bimetal, have optimum hardness and are equipped with a particularly hard and wear-resistant alloy on the cutting edge. In day-to-day work, they produce less cutting dust and are characterized by higher cutting speeds. You can also work more productively with them because there are fewer blade changes.

The resulting granulate is later melted down by plastics processors and then shaped into the desired new form – which brings us to the end of our short journey from plastic bottle to plastic duck.

By the way: With this in mind, it is no wonder that we are represented with our blades at this year’s PRSE trade fair, the Plastics Recycling Show Europe in Amsterdam. Come by for a “Koffie verkeerd” – we look forward to your visit!

Hall 10, Stand W6

PRSE Trade Fair Amsterdam
19.06 – 20.06.2024 in the exhibition and congress center RAI Amsterdam