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Mission South America: LUTZ specialist on Iplas and Aseplas

We drew attention to LUTZ BLADES in Ecuador with a one-two punch. After all, Manuel Garcia Blau is not only our expert when it comes to blades for foil cutting. He is also a specialist for the South American market. As such, he represented us with great success at the Iplas trade fair in Guayaquil, the economic center of Ecuador. Local companies were extremely interested in our products, as the consistently positive response showed.

At the same time, a congress organized by the Ecuadorian plastics association Aseplas focused on the topics of circular economy and recycling. Here, too, Garcia Blau was able to score with its expertise and gave two technical presentations on the special importance of our industrial blades for foil cutting. The presentation was correspondingly well received by the companies present. Our local dealer, Lucma & Sons, will also benefit from this in the future.

Conclusion: This trip to Ecuador has fully paid off and helped us to further expand the presence of LUTZ BLADES in the region. We will continue to strengthen our commitment in Ecuador and South America in the future.