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In the spotlight: LUTZ BLADES pelletizing blades

Making small things big

Granulates are used in a variety of applications, such as in the manufacture of plastic parts, in film production, as fillers in concrete and as carrier materials in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. However, the granules are not only produced in the plastics processing industry. The recycling industry is now also one of the producers of plastic pellets, providing a valuable service to the circular economy. Our pelletizing blades, also known as pelletizing blades, are used at the end of the manufacturing process to cut plastics into pellets.

Quality down to the smallest detail
Only high-quality materials are used for the pelletizing blades from LUTZ BLADES: They are made of carbon steel or bimetal with a particularly hard and wear-resistant alloy on the cutting edge. The blade body itself is tough to prevent the blades from breaking. The blades are ground on one side to ensure efficient and trouble-free production and a consistent pellet size.

Advantages of LUTZ BLADES pelletizing blades
LUTZ BLADES offers a wide range of different blade geometries for granulate production. Of course, we also develop and produce customized special blades. Our many years of experience in the manufacture of industrial blades for numerous industries, the competent exchange with our industrial customers and the target-oriented coordination of product parameters are the basis of our own quality standards.

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