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Microtome blade LS35-6067

Rectangular blades
  • Material Coating Length Width Thickness
  • rust-resistant Teflon® (PTFE) 80,00 mm 7,95 mm 0,254 mm
Material: rust-resistant
Coating: Teflon® (PTFE)
Length 80,00 mm
Width 7,95 mm
Thickness 0,254 mm

The LYNXERA® LS35 stainless steel microtome blade from LUTZ BLADES is used as a slicing blade in histology and pathology laboratories in the field of diagnostics (in-vitro diagnostics). It is supplied in a specially developed 50-blade dispenser with a USED-BLADES container on the bottom side. Within the LYNXERA® family, the LS35 microtome blade stands for stable cutting quality.

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