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Foil blade-0700 with TiN

Slotted hole blades

The foil blade-0700 from LUTZ BLADES is made of stainless carbon steel. This blade is coated with titanium nitride, a standard hard material characterized by high wear resistance. This hard material, which is usually gold-colored, has a high coefficient of friction of around 0.4 to 0.7 against the reference material steel. The coating ensures safe use of the blade up to a temperature of approx. 300 °C. With a length of 59.00 mm, a width of 18.80 mm and a thickness of 0.40 mm, it is ideal for the precise cutting of films in industrial applications. This blade is a long-hole blade and continues to meet individual customer requirements.

  • Material Coating Length Width Thickness
  • Carbon steel TiN 59.00 mm 18.80 mm 0.40 mm
Material: Carbon steel
Coating: TiN
Length 59.00 mm
Width 18.80 mm
Thickness 0.40 mm

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