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Sliding and hard coating

Essential for the quality

High performance coatings
from Lutz Blades

The basis must be right – this is a matter of course with our blades. That’s why every material we use is optimally matched to the task it has to do. And it is the same with the sliding and hard coating. Here, too, there is no watering can principle. Our experts will recommend exactly the coating that best suits your cutting application, cutting environment and manufacturing process.

How you benefit

from our high performance coatings
  • Higher cutting speed and output quantity
  • Longer service life and fewer blade changes
  • Less friction between cutting edge and material to be cut
  • Higher cutting quality


of our coating program
  • TiN (Titan-Nitrid)
  • TiC (Titan-Carbit)
  • TiCN (Titan-Carbonit)
  • TiAlN (Titan-Aluminium-Nitrid)
  • DLC (Diamond-like Carbon)
  • (PTFE) (Poly-Tetra-Fluor-Ethylen) – Teflon®

How does a

Friction occurs between the blade and the material being cut. This friction leads to minute (unavoidable) damage to the cutting edge. Over time, these micro-damages “add up” and result in dulling of the cutting edge.

Solution A: Choice of a material whose nature slows down the formation of the damage.

Solution B: Choice of a coating that lies as a thin film between the cutting edge and the material to be cut.

See for yourself the performance advantages of a coated blade compared to an uncoated one here.

Exemplary illustration: cutting manmade fiber

The different variants
of our coating program

The LUTZ BLADES coating program includes the following variants:

TiN (Titan-Nitrid)

Standard hard material with high wear resistance and relatively high coefficient of friction (against reference material steel approx. 0.4 to 0.7), usually gold-colored, safe application range up to approx. 300 °C.

TiC (Titan-Carbit)

Has lower wear resistance than TiN with significantly lower coefficient of friction (against reference material steel approx. 0.3 to 0.5), usually anthracite colored.

TiCN (Titan-Carbonit)

Intermediate coating material between the high wear resistance of TiN and the low coefficient of friction of TiC, relative position between TiN and TiC depending on the ratio of C and N, usually anthracite color.

TiAlN (Titan-Aluminium-Nitrid)

Has greater oxidation resistance than TiN with comparable coefficient of friction, usually anthracite blue.

DLC (Diamond-like Carbon)

Has high wear resistance with low coefficient of friction (approx. 0.1 against reference material steel); susceptible to impact loads and high temperatures (between 100 and 300 °C depending on structure).

(PTFE) (Poly-Tetra-Fluor-Ethylen) – Teflon®

Teflon® non-stick coating (PTFE); due to the very low surface tension, practically no foreign bodies stick to the cutting edge, resistant to acids and alkalis; significantly reduced frictional resistance; the very low static friction allows jerk-free cutting (therefore very suitable for the medical sector); low wear resistance; not suitable for contact with sodium and at temperatures above 250 °C.

Color varnish

Applied over the entire surface, serves as a sorting aid for different material thicknesses and as corrosion protection.

Blueing / Blackening

Applied over the entire surface, light corrosion and starch protection, also serves as a distinguishing aid.

Of course, coatings of the cutting edge can be combined with full-surface coatings.

For every cutting task
the right blade

No matter what cutting task lies ahead of you – at LUTZ BLADES you will find exactly the right blade. Perhaps already in our rich standard range of more than 1500 blades. Or we will work with you to develop exactly the blade that is, quite literally, tailored to your specific cutting task. Our many years of experience in blade manufacturing and the availability of all necessary manufacturing steps in-house qualify us as a competent development and production partner.

to the special blades to the development department

Things to know



A special feature of LUTZ BLADES blades is their extreme sharpness. Customers working with our blades can benefit from higher efficiency, better quality and longer production times in their operations.

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Cutting forms

Whether 1- or 2-bladed, whether with one, two or three facets, whether concave or convex – you can be sure that at LUTZ BLADES you will find exactly the blade shape you need for your tasks.

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The choice of basic materials for blade manufacture is wide. The trick is to select exactly the material that optimally takes into account all requirements. And this is where LUTZ BLADES, with its decades of experience, can regularly score points.

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Packaging systems

Sales-active, safe, user-friendly – our packaging systems make it clear that we put a lot of thought into more than just our blades.

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