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According to shapes

“There’s no such thing at LUTZ BLADES.” As a specialist of many years’ standing, we offer our customers tailor-made cutting solutions for all requirements that may arise. From pointed blades to serrated and hooked blades to blade strip steel, you will find exactly the product you are looking for, with the best materials and tightest tolerances a matter of course for all blades.

Pointed blades
Our pointed blades are among the best on the market. Thanks to their high quality, they are used in various cutting processes, e.g. in surgery or when processing plastics or leather.
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3-hole blades
The classic in the LUTZ BLADES blade range. As up-to-date today as it was then - only with a much wider range of uses than back then.
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Rectangular blades
As a leading manufacturer of rectangular blades, we produce these blades for cutting foils, paper, food and for many other cutting tasks.
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Round blades
Razor-sharp, flat and extremely hard: our round blades and round knives have been among the best on the market for years.
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Wavy blades
Because the wave height and angles can be individually adjusted, the variations of LUTZ BLADES wave gauges are enormous.
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Toothed blades
The toothed blades from LUTZ BLADES are ideal if you need to cut or perforate products in a zigzag pattern, for example.
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Concave blades
LUTZ BLADES offers a wide range of concave blades with an inner curve for a wide variety of industries.
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Convex blades
Convex blades with their outwardly curved cutting edge are a distinctly sophisticated type of blade - and a speciality of LUTZ BLADES.
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Trapezoid blades
Our trapezoidal blades for utility knives have been the standard for industrial users and professional craftsmen for years.
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Hook blades
When industrial users and professional craftsmen value excellent cutting results, safety and efficient work, our hook blades come into their own.
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Arrow blades
Precision and accuracy are the prerequisites for success in archery and hunting. And it is precisely these criteria that our arrowheads fulfil down to the smallest detail.
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Blade strip steel
The material, hardness, cutting edge geometry and strip dimensions of our blade strip steel are designed according to customer requirements.
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For every cutting task
the right blade

No matter what cutting task lies ahead of you – at LUTZ BLADES you will find exactly the right blade. Perhaps already in our rich standard range of more than 1500 blades. Or we will work with you to develop exactly the blade that is, quite literally, tailored to your specific cutting task. Our many years of experience in blade manufacturing and the availability of all necessary manufacturing steps in-house qualify us as a competent development and production partner.

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