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The 5S method for an organized workplace

LUTZ BLADES introduces 5S method

At your workplace, you should concentrate on one thing above all else: Your work. What sounds so normal is often not a matter of course, because the workplace is often not set up optimally. In many cases, this results in non-value-adding activities, i.e. waste.

To prevent this, we at LUTZ BLADES work with the 5S method. The 5S method was developed in Japan and aims to make workplaces more efficient, organized and safe. The five S’s stand for Japanese terms, which we at LUTZ BLADES have translated as Sort, Clean, Systematize, Standardize and Continuous Improvement.

First S: Sorting (Seiri)
Sorting out what is not needed – here the necessary is separated from the superfluous. Everything that is not immediately required is removed. Extra spaces are designated for things that are rarely needed. The aim is to have the required items more easily available and to make the workspace clearer. You’ll find what you need faster.

Second S: Cleaning (Seiton)
Carry out inspections, repairs, replacements, cleaning: Maintain the machine. This is because dirt disguises the condition of a system. And defective parts on a machine cause malfunctions. Defective tools damage the machines or can injure employees. What you need is fine.

Third S: Systematize (Seiso)
Everything in the right place: objects and tools must be systematically arranged and located where they are actually needed. It is not enough just to have transparency about where the items are located. They have to be right at hand – in the truest sense of the word. Everything you need is ready to hand.

Fourth S: Standardize (Seiketsu)
The standard is visible, agreed and qualified. There are clear guidelines and working methods that all employees are expected to follow. But: We prefer lean standards that define the best current process. This means that anyone can deviate from the previous standard if they can prove how it works better. What you need is regulated.

Fifth S: Continuous improvement (Shitsuke)
Constantly improving the standard of work is about never being satisfied with what you have achieved. Here, it is the suggestions and ideas of LUTZ BLADES employees who notice things in their daily work that we can further optimize. You have a say in what you need.

If you implement the 5S method consistently, you not only promote organizational efficiency, but also safety in the workplace, quality improvements and employee participation. All things that are particularly close to LUTZ BLADES’ heart