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Industrial blades for the Indian potato chip market

Adventure trip through the streets of India

Moving around the streets of Mumbai was a very special experience for us Central Europeans. Permanently honking people in adventurous vehicles seem to move from A to B without any rules. But we are excited about the business opportunities that India offers! Our week-long trip, led by our Technical Director Martin Wurth and in collaboration with our long-standing partner Total Tools, gave us an in-depth insight into the diverse Indian food market.

Martin Wurth was supported by Dr. Christoph Hoffmann from the LUTZ BLADES sales team. In a short travel report, he talks about his impressions, challenges and opportunities for LUTZ BLADES in the Indian market for industrial blades.

Our Technical Managing Director Martin Wurth and I were able to gain an excellent overview of the Indian food market during a week-long trip to India with the support of our long-standing local partner Total Tools. The main focus of our visiting activities was on the potato chip industry. We had the opportunity to visit the entire range of large and small production facilities in the Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Nagpur area, which produce both for the domestic market and for export.

India – a subcontinent with over 1.4 billion people – naturally offers huge market potential for our industrial blades. And as we soon learned, the LUTZ BLADES brand is already well known as a manufacturer of high-quality precision blades.

In addition to potato potato chips, in all possible and “impossible” flavor variations, banana potato chips are the latest trend. Depending on the region, these are made from both yellow and green bananas. Our potato blades have already been used directly in an initial, spontaneous production test and received positive feedback. Exciting new business opportunities will arise here in the future.

Until now, Total Tools has primarily marketed our blades in India in the film and foil application areas. Based on the successful cooperation of the past years and the stable partnership, the business activities are to be expanded in the future and extended to other market segments such as food, textiles, fibers, recycling and later also medicine. We look forward to the challenges and exciting tasks ahead.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Indian partner Total Tools for the excellent preparation, support and organization of the trip.

– Dr. Christoph Hoffmann